Our Team

Kollin Olson


As co-owner of Goliath Contracting, Kollin helps out anywhere he can. He’s usually managing things that need special attention and is constantly looking for ways to grow and improve the company.

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With over a decade of experience, Kollin loves to share his industry knowledge with the team and support individuals in their jobs. When he’s not working, he likes to travel, work out, and spend time with family and friends.

Matt Oliver


As co-owner of Goliath Contracting, Matt focuses on maintaining a positive attitude and keeping up company morale.

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He supports the sales team out in the field, oversees the quality of work, and communicates with suppliers and manufacturers. Matt enjoys offshore fishing, golfing, and watching his favorite sports teams—especially the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. Matt is also a pro on the smoker and a connoisseur of fine bourbon.

Andrea Francisco

Project Manager

Andrea loves approaching projects with a positive attitude and ensuring everything runs smoothly. She manages everything from sales to estimates to installation.

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In her free time, you’ll find Andrea spending time with her family. She believes in living her everyday life by her values: God first, then family and work.

Anthony Wills

Insurance Specialist & Project Manager

Anthony loves to wake up and dominate every day. Nicknamed “The Jackhammer,” he brings his drive and passion to the table to make the team better and improve customer experience.

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When he’s not working, Anthony enjoys traveling, hiking, bowling, and cooking. He’s also an avid fisher and will rip a fish out of the water and make him a dinner plate.

Dakota Schmitter

Project Manager

As a project manager, Dakota loves to help clients meet their goals—and to do it with a positive attitude. He meets with new potential customers and oversees current projects to make sure everything goes as planned.

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When he’s not managing projects, Dakota loves to spend time with his wife and dog and get outdoors to fish, grill, and enjoy nature. He is also on the University of Missouri Extension Office board and volunteers for Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited.

Jason Whitlow

Project Manager

Jason spends his time meeting new people and making sure that current clients are being taken care of. Jason has extensive knowledge in the construction industry.

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Since he has done most projects himself, he has insight into the best way to direct the crews. Jason is not picky about his free time activities—he just likes new experiences and being outdoors. He believes any occasion is better with music in the background.

Manuel Cayro

Project Manager

Manuel comes prepared for anything—he even carries his own tools to the job site. As a project manager, he updates customers throughout the insurance process, calls on adjusters, and scouts for new projects.

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He also specializes in drone photography and inspections. Back in the day, Manuel was an accomplished runner. He pushed himself to the limit every day, eventually earning multiple state titles. Manuel loves to bring this mindset to his current job by pushing himself to do his best for his customers. In his free time, he likes to grill out and go for bike rides.

Tara Lovekamp

Project Manager

Tara manages the replacement of roofs, siding, and gutters. A friendly and outgoing team member, she’s always there to support the crew and ensure their success.

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Tara makes the insurance process easier for homeowners by confirming the insurance companies have what they need (and cover what they should!). She enjoys traveling, working out, boating, and hanging out with Jack, her black Labrador.

Trevor Tallman

Project Manager

Trevor is passionate about solving problems and keeping things organized. He manages inspections, building jobs, and customer relationships

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In his free time, Trevor enjoys staying active and exploring new places. He also likes to golf, hunt, and bbq.

Chris Gertmann

General Manager

Chris loves getting clients the results they expect. He oversees all operations from roofing to siding to insurance.

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Having owned and operated a small business since 2009, Chris has experience creating a cohesive team environment and enjoyable customer experience. He can moonwalk up a 14/12 roof pitch and will challenge anyone to a Traeger throw-down. In his free time, Chris likes hanging out with his wife and two kids and watching all types of sports.

Thomas Chong Olson

Production Manager

Thomas coordinates with construction crews, suppliers, and the sales team to ensure projects are built on time—with exceptional craftsmanship.

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He loves to solve problems, learn on the go, and find ways to be more efficient. In his free time, Thomas dabbles in 7 irons, the outdoors, multicultural cuisines, and local bodybuilding competitions. He also likes to learn more about bitcoin and believes it will positively impact the future.

Lexi Leuenberger

Office Manager

Lexi is the administrative go-to in the office. She is responsible for a wide variety of tasks, from answering the phones to pulling permits.

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Lexi is up to help out with anything and approaches work with attention to organization and accuracy. When she’s not at the office, she’s probably enjoying the sunshine with her son and Goldendoodle or socializing with family and friends. Lexi loves to read, work out, cook, and stay involved with Make-a-Wish and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Nick Oliver


Nick keeps vendors and team members happy and paid. He claims no office superpower, but we’re pretty sure everyone would notice if he disappeared.

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If you have a metal job, there’s a 100% chance he’ll be involved in the project. He likes to golf, fish, hunt, and watch his kids play sports in his free time. When he’s not on the go for youth sports, he’s probably cooking up a delicious meal.

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